Le Mans pit stop

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Printed on FSC certified paper

Porsche 917 breaking into the pit stop at Le Mans, 1972. The Porsche 917 emerged in the late 1960s, representing the pinnacle of automotive innovation. Developed by a team of visionary engineers and designers, this masterpiece showcased Porsche's commitment to pushing boundaries. Its evolution from concept to reality involved meticulous engineering, aerodynamic advancements, and relentless pursuit of speed, setting the stage for its domination on race tracks worldwide.

Automotive hand painting in water color with incredible techniques. Available as high quality print on Giclée,
200 gsm / 80 lb museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matte 
(uncoated) paper.

Available in 3 different sizes. The print will come with a white boarder.

Artist: Sune Envall

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