Stockholm Winter - canvas

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Printed on FSC certified paper

Volvo PV 444 on a street in Stockholm. The Volvo 444 is a classic car that was first introduced by the Swedish automaker in 1944. It was the first car to be designed and manufactured entirely by Volvo, and it quickly gained a reputation for its reliability and practicality. The Volvo 444 featured a compact yet spacious design that made it well-suited for city driving, and it was powered by a modest yet dependable engine. Over the years, the Volvo 444 evolved and improved, with later models featuring larger engines, updated styling, and modern amenities. Today, the Volvo 444 is a beloved classic car that is prized by collectors and enthusiasts for its simple yet elegant design and its reputation for durability and reliability. Original painting in Gouache.

We use responsibly sourced wood for stretcher bars, mainly FSC certified wood, to make our canvas prints, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality product. To ensure no damage during transportation, we ship our canvas prints in protective packaging and strong boxes. Sizes may vary slightly by region. 

Available in 6 different sizes.

Artist: Sune Envall


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